Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sri Pada (Adam's peak)

The most famous physical feature of Ceylon is Adam's Peak, which is situated in the Ratnapura district. Adam’s peak is surrounded by several mountains. It is about 750 feats in its height. It is the second highest peak in Sri Lanka. Major four rivers (Mahaveli,Kelani,Kalu & walawe) are started from top of the peak. Great foot print of the Load Buddha is in the top of the peak. That is the most important thing in the peak. People climb the peak because of the great foot print. Because the Great foot print is sacred to all the Buddhists. As Buddhist we believe that all people that climb the mountain are blessed.

Access to the mountain is possible by 6 trails (Ratnapura-Palabaddala, Hatton-Nallathanni, Kuruwita-Erathna, Murraywatte, Mookuwatte & Malimboda). Out of these the Nallathanni & Palabaddala routes are the most popular. Kuruwita-Erathna road is somewhat popular as well. The other 3 roads are almost obscure. It joins the Palabaddala road midway through the ascent. Buses connect the final nodes of Nallanthanni to Hatton, Palabaddala to Ratnapura & Erathna to Kuruwita. Thereafter it's a difficult journey through the forest on foot. Most of the pilgrims use Hatton route as the journey on foot can be reduced by more than five kilometers even though the slope of this route is much greater than other routes.

Sunrise to Sri Lanka

The Summit 

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