Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kalkuda and Pasikuda

Kalkuda and Pasikuda are two pristine, untouched beaches in the East coast of Sri Lanka. Their white sands, calm waters and sheer beauty remain unrivalled. Close to the town of Batticloa, both the beaches are expected to become international hotspots, as more people discover the charming beauty of this paradisiacal beach.
It used to be a popular tourist destination, however due to 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami and Sri Lankan Civil War tourist numbers have declined. Pasikuda and Kalkuda are located few km apart. Since the end of the civil war in 2009 and the completion of Tsunami rehabilitation projects, Pasikuda has become a popular tourist destination amongst locals and foreigners this is because Pasikuda is known to have one of the longest stretches of shallow coastline in the world. In other words, people walk kilometers into the sea because the water is only a few inches deep and the current is relatively weak compared to the rest of Sri Lanka's coasts. Pasikuda is easily accessible from Trincomalle and Batticloa, both of which cities have star class accommodation.

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