Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sober Island Navy Resort - Trincomalee

The Sober Island Resort, located in magnificent Trincomalee harbour is the few island resorts in Sri Lanka. The Sober Island had been a major transit camp between Europe, Far East and South East Asia during the time of the British rule in Sri Lanka. Sober Island was first occupied by "Admiral Jacob Blaquet de la Haye" in 1672 and by "Admiral Suffren" in 1782. The British took over the island after the Treaty of Paris in 1784 and later developed for their military requirements. The 175 acres Island elevating nearly 200 meters from the sea level was called “Isle du Soleit” by French meaning “Island of Sun” which was developed by Sri Lanka Navy as per the two site plans drawn in 1919 and 1922. There are French graves, World War II gun positions, underground ammunition storage complexes and many ruins from the British time which can be seen even today.

Sober Island Resort would be an ideal and unique holiday resort with beautiful tropical beach, jungle and historical artifacts for individuals as well as corporate packages.

The guest can enjoy the luxury accommodation with a World War II vintage bar and restaurant, hiking, sea bathing, diving, snorkeling, adventure sport, kayaking, angling, sailing, high speed boating, camping or simply enjoying the quite hide out amidst the jungle whilst listening to the soothing voices of various birds. A small cricket pitch built by the Britishers in early 19th century and the tennis court are also available for the guests to reflex muscles.

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