Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Paragliding in Sri Lanka

Known to be an energetic flying sport, Paragliding is one of the newest recreational activities in the world. This enthralling sport originated during the 1940’s. Many people and countries across the world have recognised this sport as full of fun, convenient and a safe way of soaring in the open air.
Although the sport became a favourite among the adventure sport enthusiast since the 1940’s it made its mark in Sri Lanka only during recent times. This was done to cater to the needs and demands of the international traveller. Since then, the sport has become ever so popular in this island destination. The progress of Paragliding in Sri Lanka bears testimony to the fact that foreign travellers and adventurists find it exciting and convenient to venture out in this sport here.
Conducive climate conditions and physical features of Sri Lanka have made it an ideal destination for paragliding throughout the year. This sport has become an important tourist attraction to the country. A midway glide for any normal pilot will take about 25 minutes.
This adventurous sport can be experienced in places such as the Ella Adventure Park. It is a renowned hotel located in the wilderness of Ella city, which is approximately 202 kilometres from Colombo. Ella lies in the central mountainous region and is in the south of Nuwara Eliya. It also lies close to Bandarawela. Currently this hotel is the only provider of paragliding in the country.
Paragliding expeditions are at present carried out above the Makaldeniya ridge. This offers the paraglider the opportunity to indulge in the charming panoramic views of the surrounding areas. Paragliding in Sri Lanka has increased in popularity whereby one of the main reasons for its attractiveness is the safety measures that have been taken. The favourable environmental conditions are also considered to be another reason.

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