Wednesday, December 5, 2012

National Zoological Gardens of Sri Lanka - Dehiwala

Like any zoo, the goal of the Dehiwala Zoo is the preservation and conservation of various forms of animal life.
The zoo was originally started by John Hargenberg who collected and kept animals at the same site of the current zoo which was then under his ownership. Hargenberg also exported animals back to Europe for his brother who was a prominent animal dealer at the time.
A large number of diverse animals can be found here including a 100 species of mammals, 110 species of birds and 35 species of reptiles. Also housed here are various fish, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and marine invertebrates.
Some of the highlights of animals that can be found here include Leopards, Pygmy Hippopotami, Mouse Deer, Jackals, Spider Monkeys and more.
Birds inhabit the aviary, which provides guests with the chance to walk through an area that is filled with various plant life that can be found in different parts of Sri Lanka.  Discover the Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl, Mute Swan and parakeet which all can be found in this part of the Zoo.
Reptiles that can be found here include turtles, snakes, and of course, the Estuarine crocodile which can be natively found in many of the coastal rivers and lakes habitats of Sri Lanka.
The star attraction of the Zoo is its aquarium that houses an impressive array of marine life. This attraction is not only limited to fish species but also features a collection of corals, echinodermates, arthropods and molluscans that should not be missed.
Lovers of butterflies will not be disappointed with a visit to the Zoo as it is home to a relatively small but nevertheless enchanting collection of the creatures. Housed in a special garden the area also provides the chance to walk through shrubs, flowers and lianas that are grown here.
When in Sri Lanka, nature lovers will be delighted with a visit to the Dehiwala Zoo that is also perfect for an outing with the entire family as well.

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