Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kanniya Hot Springs - Trincomalee.

After the tragic civil war flocks of tourists are visiting the Kanniya Hot Springs in beautiful Trincomalee. Also believed to be one of the seven wonders of Sri Lanka. It is believed that these hot waters have medicinal properties that can cure many skin diseases and has the healing power for arthritis and rheumatis. The legend of these hot springs date back to the times of King Ravana. According to the legend King Ravana struck his sword on the earth and from that spot hot water start burbling out which are said to be these springs. There is also another legend that this is part of Buddhist monastery, there are a few scattered ruins in the area although many artifacts and parts of it have been destroyed due to heavy fighting.

The springs consist of seven wells which are built in a square shape and it is only around three to four feet deep. Each of the springs has different temperature from boiling to very mild. The bottom of the well is made from quartz so the water is fresh and clear and not muddy. These springs are extremely popular and it is quite crowded. The area around is surrounded by thick vegetation and there is a Hindu temple as well as a Buddhist temple nearby.
It is a mystery as to why these waters are of different temperatures and it also a mystery about their origins however the wonder of these hot springs in Kanniya should not be missed.

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