Monday, July 2, 2012

Small Sripada (Little Adam's Peak) - Ella

The mountain range in the Badulla, Ella area which is considered for Small Sripada (Little Adam's Peak) has become an attraction to local and foreign tourist. A large number of people visit the area to admire its scenic beauty. Small Sripada is located about 2 km from the Ella town. From this location Kataragama and the Hambantota beach which are hundreds of kilometers away can also be seen. The Namunukula, Poonagala and Narangala mountain ranges also located on near this place. The mount extent about 10 acres some of the Small Sripada is full of biodiversity.

Scenic Ella Gap

 Ella Rock from Little Adams Peak

Ella - Wellawaya road from Little Adams Peak

 overlooking Ella gap and mountain ranges from Ella rock

The view from Little Adam's peak. Ella Rock and the Ella Gap can be seen.


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