Thursday, August 9, 2012

Madu River - Balapitiya

Madu River which flows across Balapitiya (approx 80kms down south) is one of the rarely visited and unspoiled attractions any nature lover can find in Sri Lanka. She boasts of having a cluster of 64 small islands scattered along her path and the most of which are uninhabited and covered with mangroves. The largest is known as "Ma Doowa" where about 300 families live and the smallest is called "Satha Paha Doowa". According to folklore this islet had been purchased for five cents but some say the name has derived due to its shape. “Kurundu Doowa (Cinnamon isle) is one of the attractions of river where the dweller Pemadasa maintains a cinnamon plantation. The main attraction of all is "Koth Doowa" which is housed to a serene Buddhist temple with a statue of Lord Buddha and a venerated old Bo (pipal) tree. The river and the islands also provide shelter to many fauna and flora. But over enthusiastic nature lovers are forewarned! - Madu River is also a den for crocodiles.

Baby crocodile in the Madu River

Koth Doowa Viharaya


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