Monday, August 13, 2012

Northcove Cabanas - Bogawantalawa

Northcove cabanas are situated in the far end of a tea estate called Loinorn,  in Bagawanthalawa. You can get there along two routes. Either via Avissawella -> Ginigathhena -> Hatton -> Norwood -> Bagawanthalawa -> Campion bazar -> Northcove or Avissawella -> Ratnapura -> Balangoda -> Pinnawala -> Campion bazar -> Northcove. It's 29 km from Norwood along the B329 road. Altitude of the place is well above 1650 meters, hence its quite cool (worsen by frequent winds).

The cabanas are facing the lush  green Loinorn tea estate, producing a picturesque view that visitors will never forget. It gives you a feeling of "totally  isolated from the rest of the world" when you get there. You see nothing in the near vicinity other than the tea estate and the jungle. Just behind the cabanas, guess what... It's the Horton plains. Workers there mention about existence of a foot path leading to the entrance of the park.

The place has two cabanas; each comprises of two bedrooms (triple)  and a bathroom. So, 12 persons can comfortably stay there at a time. Cook(s) and gas are available for which you have to pay separately. Hot water, boiled using wood, is also available (again, charged separately).  Electricity is produced by a mini hydro plant situated just down the little stream that flows through the cabana premises.

This place seems to be well maintained by its caretakers. Food prepared by cooks are tasty and there service is also admirable. It's a place to be visited by a nature lover.


Sripada Mountain Range


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