Saturday, September 8, 2012

18 Bend Road (18 Wanguwa) Kandy - Mahiyanganaya

The renovated Colonial Era 18 Bend Road is highly attracted by tourists. There are many tourists are visiting several areas including Mahiyangana, with the opening of the renovated 18-hair-pin Bend Road.
The 18-bend road was constructed by the British colonial rulers in the mid-19th century as an estate supply route. It connects Kandy to Mahiyanganaya and stretches up to Padiyathalawa. The Road has been developed at a cost of 5000 million rupees. The region is being attracted by more tourists with the development effected to the road eliminating the hardships experienced earlier. Following the opening of this road, the percentage of local as well as foreign tourists frequenting it has increased by 50.
The road stretching from Udathenna in Meda-Mahanuwra to Vehera Ganthota in Hasalaka which is about 41 kilometres was developed. The Hasalaka Police claim that the number daily using the road which provides a picturesque view and for convenience has increased. The Observation Studio is reported to be filled with local and foreign tourists.
While the area is developing as a Tourism Zone, the damage inflicted to the environment is also on the increase. As such, the public ear eagerly called upon to adhere to proper strategies in discarding the litter and protecting the 18-hair-pin bend road for the posterity.

View from there

 Bird Eye View


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